1.To maintain and operate an organization for the accommodation they're in of persons interested in and associated with Maritime and naval matters and activities.

2.To support the maintenance of an adequate and efficient Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine in Canada, for the defense of our country.

3.To provide a forum or meeting venue whereby persons serving or who have served in the Naval and Maritime Forces of Canada, the Commonwealth or her Allies, and all members of the Naval community, in order that they may be kept abreast of changes in Maritime matters.

4.To support the Canadian Navy both active and reserve as well as the Cadet Organization and or organizations connected with the Naval Forces of Canada.

5.To co-operate with the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund, the Royal Canadian Legion and other organizations devoted to or assisting in the welfare of former naval personnel.

6.To perpetuate the glorious traditions of the Naval Army and Air Forces of Canada, and its Allies, the latter to he included applicable membership status.

7.To support other charitable organizations that may be determined from time to time.

8.To recognize and assist a Ladies Auxiliary to the Association should one he formed as a duly constituted part of the Royal Canadian Naval Association.

9.To accept donations, gifts, legacies, artifacts and bequests provided however, that the Association shall not maintain but one premise in Canada and her domains, to be determined at a later date.

10.All members shall have parading and ceremonial privileges as may apply to the Association.